Kuwait’s Emir promised better relations to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Kuwait (Iba) .. Iraqi Journalists Syndicate said pro-Lami and Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid expected to be completed Kuwaiti reparations to Iraq and estimated at 5% per annum in just two years after Iraq’s commitment to payment during the last period.

The Lami, during an open meeting hosted by the Kuwaiti Journalists Association with visiting Iraqi delegation to Kuwait at the invitation of the Assembly and the Ministry of Information, The Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-promised reward in the case remove Iraq from Chapter VII of the United Nations.

Stressing that morning knew all the details of the suffering of the Iraqi people and went through over the past years, noting he does not want to look to the past, but we want to look to the future.

And continued most of the problems between the two countries have been resolved, leaving only some simple things that can be solved, there is nothing but solvable.

And went on he felt that the Emir of Kuwait, wants to remove anything harmful for Iraq pointing in this regard to seek leadership in Kuwait to raise Iraq from Chapter VII of the United Nations.

He added that the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister will visit Iraq in the next month of December and will be met with his Iraqi counterpart, There is also a meeting of the Ministerial Committee early next year, and we will discuss the file of Iraq’s debt.

He pointed out that there is a tendency Kuwaiti high level to resolve the outstanding issues between the two countries, and that the same trend exists with the Iraqi ministers which contributes to the comfort of the two parties.

He noted Lami to he visited Kuwait several times and work with his colleagues in the Kuwaiti Journalists Association and the Ministry of Information, and that during this visit touch that the parties arrived at the track who wanted access to it, based on the starting towards the future and not look to the past, a point articulated between the two countries, saying that Kuwaiti Emir’s visit to Baghdad last year as a great Arab leader cooperation point was the fact.