Central Bank turned into a tool for currency smuggling and the governor bears..

News reports : fake companies in Dubai is concerned with the transfer of money from Iraq … a parliamentary committee: Central Bank turned into a tool for currency smuggling and the governor bears a great responsibility


Union: Discuss the House of Representatives on Tuesday at its thirty-central bank policy ended the first and second readings of the six laws. Council ended the first reading of the draft law the Fifth Amendment to the law of the State Consultative Council No. (65) for the year 1979.

As the Council ended the first reading of the draft law rent farmland. The Board completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of agreement to amend the Convention for the establishment of the Arab Company for the construction and repair of ships, ratified by law No. (58) for the year 1974. And completed the second reading of the draft law on accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material.
The Board discussed the policy CBI where he Qusay al-Suhail Chairman Interim Committee for follow-up central bank policy in his speech that, following complaints regarding auction sale of foreign currency and trading sales in the Central Bank hosted the Presidency of the Council concerned at the bank in addition to the Minister of Finance and Chairman of Supreme Audit and Chairman of the Finance Committee and chairman of the parliamentary committee of economy and investment where there is convinced that there are many violations and suspicions in private transactions and Maitalq auction sale of foreign currency, was on the track to form a committee to investigate the data available to the Presidency.

98% of financial transactions and fake

He explained Suhail he was diagnosed gaps existence multiple instructions more than 7 instructions for buying and selling foreign currency in one year and reflected the policy is clear has been assigned a team of BSA to pursue violations to analyze 200 financial transaction amounts reached 2 billion and $ 200 million and included food, furniture and materials Office incorporated into the Iraqi market, noting that bank officials believe that at least 85% actually entered the Iraqi market, noting that after the question appeared Tax Agency of the total amount estimated at more than two billion dollars entry only $ 21 million to the Iraqi market. He explained that most of the goods entering Iraq fake noting that his committee reached the conclusion that 98% of financial transactions conducted in a manner and fake اوجود her pointing out that after expanding the sample turned out to be 6 to 7 private banks have front companies in Baghdad, Dubai and Oman through which import food and different materials pointing to the presence of 7-8 fake companies in Dubai specializes in the transfer of money from Iraq and sent to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and Oman, pointing out that a lot of private banks turned to the speculation in the currency market rather than contributing to development where those banks to transfer money and sell to intermediaries. He said the amount of leakage in the size of the funds amounted to between 100-150 million pointing to the importance that is checking now with money Iraq abroad where he has 140 bank accounts outside of Iraq and Anmlk coupes movement monthly have also turned out to be $ 900 million was withdrawn from the pre- The U.S. Treasury Department in one of the past also does not install the quantities of gold and precious stones, indicating that the report was referred to the Integrity Commission and then to the judiciary, stressing that the Office of money laundering at the bank was alert the central bank governor down to a money-laundering operations. He said stability in the value of foreign currency reflects the need of the market, which is 80 million more than this amount being smuggled emphasizing the role of the Council in protecting Iraq’s economy, noting that the central bank turned into a tool for currency smuggling.
For his part, MP Haider Abadi, head of the Finance Committee and a defect in the instructions of the Central Bank due to increased demand for the dollar, which led to confusion noting that the investigation committee is not interested in accusing anyone because it’s about the judiciary.
Turn MP Ahmed Alwani, Chairman of the Economic Committee that the case lacks a political dimension, reaching information on significant violations led to the formation of the investigative pointing to the existence of fake receipts in the import of food.
In the responses of the House of Representatives on the policies included in the report called MP Haider Mulla applicant to debate aspects of the investigation is completed in central bank policy is to submit a report to the House of Representatives, pointing to the importance of defense all the House of Representatives for the most important economic institution.
For his part, MP Bahaa al-Araji said the judiciary carry out preliminary and the investigation is not considered this report mainly to investigate warning duplication of the judiciary’s handling of the issues in front of him. In response to the interventions confirmed Suhail having convinced all dealt report of information pointing to the power of the presidency of the Council for the formation of temporary committees, noting that the Integrity Commission did not control the arrest of those involved, but saw it as dimension judicially and legally been on the track convert the case to the judiciary. He Suhail said the central bank governor bears a great responsibility being withdrawn powers all general managers and deputy central bank, noting that the Presidency of the Council laying sequence currently detained, especially as the Commission auction at the Central Bank had breached its work fully stressing defense Presidency extreme to protect the independence of the Bank Central without the protection of corruption in this institution. He explained Suhail said various departments have not taken any action to stop money laundering operations noting that the senior management of the bank bear problem is specific to Iraq as it now stands, is unlikely experiences, but needs to increase profits, indicating no loss of six billion dollars of fund Iraq’s revenues and wondered about the role of parliamentary committees to investigate issues Corruption large. Turn called Aref Tayfur Chairman Interim Committee to continue its work and submit a comprehensive report on latest results. Then decided to adjourn the meeting until tomorrow Thursday, 8/11/2012.
Meanwhile, the (90) Vice request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives demanding disclosure of the names of those involved money laundering and currency smuggling after the completion of the investigation. He said a member of the State of Law coalition MP Kamal Saadi, in a press conference Tuesday, “The (90) deputies have made a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives are demanding it reveal the names of all politicians and MPs implicated in the central bank auction and private banks and banking companies after the completion of the investigation.” He added that “these parties to move their tools for the formation of the legal proceedings of the Central Bank for fear of disclosure about their career and their names, calling on the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to disclose the names to the public.” The MP pointed out that “not all of the shares in the auction has committed a violation of the law because that is coming from the State has the right to exercise a trade but who had an office in the state and is involved in this case should be held accountable.” Saadi declined to reveal these names because it is an offense, confirming the presence of politicians implicated in this case and they have interfaces operate professionally and trying to to Anzj name legally but their names appeared in the investigation.
Shabibi confirms his return to the country tomorrow and calls for Maliki to detect corrupt files and substantiated

For his part, considered Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi issued an arrest warrant Tuesday, accusing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the central bank corruption “is not accurate,” he called to detect those files, he stressed that the bank is appointed official and issued since 2003. Shabibi said “Alsumaria News”, “details mentioned by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the existence of corruption in the Central Bank inaccurate”, calling on him to “detect corrupt files and substantiated.” Shabibi considered that “the Central Bank is one of the departments free of corruption cases,” he said, adding that “the Bank has its law and its own policy.”
And about what was announced by Maliki after the end of the appointment of Central Bank Governor, Shabibi said, “is my appointment since 2003 by the Governing Council and extended with the consent of the prime minister,” adding that “the details mentioned by al-Maliki is not accurate and do not know the meaning of raised now.”
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Monday that large warheads will fall issue of the Central Bank.
He also stressed Shabibi “The government expressed a desire to get some funds for reserves in the Central Bank, which is a cover of the currency and by five billion dollars for the budget that the federal, and two billion dollars to the Ministry of Electricity,” adding that “no right to the government to act reserve bank, according Article 26 of the Bank Act Central. ” He added Shabibi that “the bank’s policy is to eliminate inflation which is contrary to the goal of the Iraqi government, which seeks to accomplish its budget and its implementation, leading to higher inflation due at the time of the Bank aims to fight it,” asserting that “the central bank to coordinate with all parties concerned and even with the Council of Ministers on our financial policy. ” The Shabibi on “success monetary policy operations Auction central bank, which conducted a day,” noting that “follow the new administration to the same procedures and policies previously in daily auction best proof of that, and low demand for foreign currency موخرا to $ 190 million and less due to the uncertainty for asylum currency, which in turn affect the size of the currency. ”
Shabibi said “Alsumaria News”, “There are 20 female employees of the Central Bank has been detained for more than 15 days and only released about them so far,” he said, adding that “female detainees are one of the noblest and most loyal employees the bank.” Shabibi demanded “their release on bail, it is possible to continue the investigation with them,” he said, calling the Integrity Commission to “follow up the matter.”
Also revealed Shabibi told all of Iraq ahead of the parliament session that “central bank officials have documents indicating that they have succeeded in stabilizing the exchange rate and they Aataamilon with businessmen or traders through private banks,” pointing out that he “will return to Baghdad next Thursday to clarify the facts and pay the charges carries a political character. ” He added that “the central bank gets blamed for it possesses no database that is true because we Anmtlk customization to employ qualified competent to provide an accurate database,” noting “that he did not deal with private banks without the other, but to deal evenly and according to the guidelines set for the auction.” Shabibi denied “the charges against him or has to do with the process of money laundering and currency smuggling out of Iraq.”