Expectations of 33% GDP growth in Iraq

BAGHDAD / JD / .. study showed the first of its kind conducted by TNS that the time has come to take advantage of consumer confidence and should marketers understand the motives of a population of 32 million people.

said Steve Hamilton Clark, CEO of TNS Middle East and Africa one of the largest companies marketing research in the world, that he expected Iraq to become the hot zone following business and marketers local deal quickly with the nuances of the market.

said that GDP of Iraq will grow quickly, including an estimated 33% over the next three years, where will follow income levels suit and work to create a middle class distinct.

“highlights Iraq quickly, with his move to the next stage, a market big consumer as home to the third largest population in the region’s 32 million people.

“This provides a great opportunity for brands of all categories to increase its arrival in the market and provide new products and services and build relationships and loyalty with consumers “

and cited Hamilton Clark studied the Iraqi consumer (IRAC) carried out by the company TNS Middle East and Africa and the company independent research IIACSS which unveiled a deep understanding of the motivations that drive the Iraqi consumer.

said results reveal ambitions Home of stability National security, family relationships strong and financial independence and education. as it seeks Iraqis to achieve the aspirations of professional with show trends religious well-established, and a good big pride and faith in their country.

fired Hamilton Clark to study “the right time”, stating “The understanding of Iraqis today as individuals and consumers is not enough, and are Study Iraqi consumer 2012 first of its kind in Iraq with real results and realistic “

and said: For accurate information about various aspects of consumer new Iraqi study looked at everything related to humans Iraq today, how to live and what he believes in and aspires to achieve.

study included 10 cities, where it was found that 41% believe that the current economic situation in Iraq is good and 32% stated that the time to buy consumer durables, while said 42% that things will continue to improve during the next six months.

also added Hamilton: With the beginning of prosperity of Iraq should be Marketers understand the basics of social and demographic, and public attitudes toward life, and lifestyle and belonging to the brand, and interact with the product, and understand shopper.

and concluded by saying: “to reconcile the supply chain and the requirements of the Iraqi consumer, should marketers take the time to explore the depths of the different categories to meet the wishes and requests The consumer needs accurately “