Expert: the need to diversify sources of national income and not rely on oil revenues only

Baghdad (newsletter) … Economist Salim aldaini said, the importance of developing and activating the economic sectors such as industrial, agricultural and business to diversify national income resources, warning of continued reliance on oil revenues in the national economic construction.

Said aldaini (News Agency news) Saturday: national economy suffers from structural imbalances and systemic in master builders and infrastructure because of its dependence on the export of a single resource (oil) for the import of all goods and services from abroad, which negatively affected the economy and made it vulnerable to global shocks.

He added: there are attempts by previous Governments to diversify the national economy and resources but all shy as the rest of the oil (98%) Budget and revenue (48%) Of GDP and this demonstrates the weakness of other economic sectors and oil is the dominant composition of GDP and capital accumulation.