Soon .. Bomb kills Arabs only…Amazing!!!

Soon .. Bomb kills Arabs only

Posted 09/10/2012 04:33 PM

Babinaoz – agencies: reports revealed published channel “Press TV” news about Israeli project British joint venture to produce bomb genetic “ethnic” to kill Arabs and not others. The report said that the project is scientifically Israeli Briton very secret to achieve this goal has based on medical research Israeli able to distinguish Gina certain there in Arabs and not others, and are working on this project at the Institute for Biological Research in “Nice Tziona” which is the main center for Research on arsenal Israel secret chemical weapons and germ. channel said that this bomb could mention viruses in water or the air to reach the largest number of people, where will all the Arabs when exposure to them can cause to kill them, without affecting the non-Arabs whatever they have suffered. indicated channel, citing confidential sources for finding viruses that bomb in Qatar in the context of seeking Britain and “Israel” to experience the effectiveness of this bomb and viruses genetic against Arabs practically, without referring to the damage inflicted by. his part, said Richardson, Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary for programs of biological and chemical military during the presidency of presidents Americans Ronald Reagan and George Bush, he does not doubt has to Israel worked on the production of chemical and biological weapons long ago, adding in a statement that it is rare to be issued by a U.S. official, “I do not think you can find information on this topic.” and noted that it seems that we always used to have double standards and contradictory in dealing with Israel, compared to dealing with biological threats issued by other countries. There is no doubt that they have such programs for years, but make anyone talk about that media seems to be very difficult. ” said Richardson that biotechnology sophisticated in Israel is equally – if not better – than America, and they were able to develop pregnancy tests and tests to monitor diseases such as “anthrax”, which was considered when it is published technologically advanced large, where all you need now is a small strip changes color if there is pregnancy or HIV anthrax in the blood. On the other hand commented Dr. Daphne Camille biologist and microbes known American who knew its projects in issues of environmental security with the Ministry of Defense that this bomb is very unlikely. added Camille that scientifically until now can not prove that a particular people different from other genes specific. said Camille that does not claim that the report is absolutely true because Israel has research centers capable of producing scientific similar to the United States, if not the best, but on the other hand hard to believe that it is possible to produce a weapon overcomes a resistance in the body in the entire nation. For his part, Dr. Victor Delfitcho, the world University of Scranton America, which had developed methods informed to monitor toxic gases that produce “a bomb ethnic” is theoretically possible, but he does not believe that there are currently insufficient information on human genes so that a human races has a specific gene that could be attacked with weapons of Foreign Affairs. and commented. Dan Goosen one of the researchers former regime of South Africa former apartheid for biological warfare programs and chemical that South Africa has conducted hundreds of studies in order to produce a particular weapon that eliminates blacks without others, but failed to do so completely, though in contrast was able to produce through this research several weapons featured assassination such as lipstick, which kills soon use. newspaper prominent in South Africa called “Mile End Guardian” said a comment on the report that it would be funny if we knew that Israel relies on its research on one of these experts South Africans who have failed in the past to target blacks and are now seeking to target Arabs. As American journalist Luis Toscano and who ran a branch agency United Press in Jerusalem and author of “The Cross Triangle”, which was published in 1990 for leaking secrets of Israel’s nuclear, says he has no doubt that Israel was working to produce nuclear weapons. were whispers always refers to a huge factory works near Haifa as a research center of the University of Israeli. according to what he says Toscano, the grave on Israel compared to other countries that produce chemical weapons in the Third World that Israel has been able to develop advanced mechanism to launch these weapons effectively, but Israel will think a thousand times before using any of these weapons because of the geographical proximity between them and its Arab neighbors.