5-8-2012, GURU GUESSES!! (OR BS…LOL)

5-8-2012 SWFloridaGuy The Erbil agreement isn’t really fully constitutional…Iraqi politicians are going to try to find a solution during this parliamentary holiday that lasts up until June 14th. We all know that Maliki received a 9-point ultimatum letter from Barzani, Allawi, Nujayfi, Sadr and then sent it to Jaafari. The message it contains is very clear: Maliki has 15 days to adhere to the demands of its contents or he will be sacked…this ultimatum clearly states that unless there is complete adherence to these principles the Shia alliance move to withdraw the confidence of Maliki’s government and form a new one. The only out Maliki appears to have would be to say, ok fine I will “adhere” but only to what is constitutional while still maintaining the position that parts of Erbil are not constitutional. In that case this could drag out a little further. 

5-8-2012 Purplehelmet Please Know that all is done and any talk about needing the NC [National Conference] in order to RV is not true.  NC is all done and the announcements are waiting on the release of the RV – NOT the other way around. You will see announcements of the NC just before, during or after the RV has been released.  Has NOTHING to do with Iraq.

5-8-2012  BGG Things that will signal an RV…Maliki announcing the three remaining Ministers currently being run by “proxy” (as in him), the announcement of the NCSP policy board and some type of Executive order or decree honoring Article 140. A pardon for Al-Hashemi and a public apology to Deputy PM Al-Mutlag would go a long way as well. However, short of these things it is a very distinct reality the opposition will move towards a vote of “no confidence” against PM Al-Maliki. How quickly can this happen? At this point, probably very quick. There seems to be a general agreement in place to “appoint” Ibranim Al-Jaafari as an “interim” PM and head up a “care-taker” government until the next elections. The consensus looks good.  If they actually put him in – I predict he will act very quickly and things will move forward at a rapid pace.

5-8-2012  Vic1 All is GOOD, we will see the REAL DEAL here before Long!   I will not go into depth on Maliki…this guy has done HIS job…He is in My opinion…No LONGER NEEDED!!!  IMHO…The RV..SHABS has said…is when?  POLITICAL Stability…Security STABILITY, and Monetary Stability…Meaning SHABS…will and stopped…Counterfeiting!!!  I believe this WEEK tells the ” TALE OF THE TAPE” – OLD BOXING VERBAGE!!!



5-8-2012  BGG there is a whole lot going on right now…there is a MASSIVE power struggle taking place and there will be lots of turmoil…this is good for us. As it was 3 months ago – we had little or no chance unless Maliki agreed to come to the table on his previous agreements. If he did (or implied he would) – that would be a much different story. As we see now – he had no intention. Dr Shabibi has clearly laid out the requirement of a “partnership” government (checks and balances) as a pre-cursor to any change in monetary value.  [“continued in post 2…stay tuned”]

5-8-2012 SWFloridaGuy   This is in Iraq’s hands and is also a very critical time for us in this investment. The RV is not in the banks as some…have claimed for over a year now. Right now our focus should be on what direction Maliki decides to take this. He may decide to implement all terms of Erbil as he promised he would or he may stand behind former statements he’s made questioning it’s Constitutionality. If he does fight this than we are looking at a no confidence vote and a short delay. If not than we will finally see the power sharing agreement implemented, followed by a National Meeting which should free up Shabibi and the CBI to implement phase 2 of their currency reform project. Upon that time and in accordance with the IMF and World Bank’s approval and instruction, they will send the adjusted rate to the BIS.  From there it will be released to all central banks around the world and will appear live simultaneously around the globe.