5-7-2012, GURU GUESSES!!

5/7/2012 Poppy3 no less than 5 articles yesterday and today about raising the value of the dinar and the rate is yet to be determined by the cbi. It is very exciting that the talks are rapid and very direct. The sources say this is our week and i believe them and they think the push is on to get this activated. If all goes well at the n/c we should be cashing in in a very few days.

5/7/2012 Breitling You just don’t redenominate for no reason. The redenomination is the result of the reduction of the money supply and the value added to it. They need the smaller notes to represent that. They have to raise the value & lower the money supply at the same time. That forces them to change to rate, so they have to redenominate. You have to have currency that represents the new count of dinar with the higher number on it. People don’t understant the numbers, these guys that say it’s going to revalue at $4 or $5, they don’t get it.

5/7/2012 Kaperoni I have never…wavered from a RV. The facts IMO even going back to a few years ago conform to the plan that was created by Shabibi and Dr. Fadel. Dr. Fadel stated in 2006 when the plan was written the following… “The deletion process will be on according to the following: it becomes the U.S. dollar at today’s prices = 1200 fils in the sense that the U.S. $ 100 = 120 dinars, which is very suitable for such a stage that the government control inflation and keep it at reasonable levels.” That clearly implies a 1 to $1 rate and we can see today some 5 years later the CBI, Parliament are still talking 1 to $1. Therefore, I think they have followed this plan to a tee. Implementation (when) has always been the issue. We know they are behind schedule and hopefully soon we will see this event unfold.

5/7/2012 SWFloridaGuy The current rate of the IQD was never designed to be a permanent fixture. It’s simply a place holder, an imposed, artificial rate that has never represented the countries genuine standing in the world. Iraq truly is a gold mine and we expect to see our suspicions confirmed very soon. The recent pressure on Maliki, upcoming National Meeting and a fully implemented Erbil agreement may be just what the Dr. (Shabibi) ordered.