5-25-2012 Poppy3 They don’t exist yet, (Kurdish language bills) haven’t even been designed yet. The design could start in June. They don’t matter at all to our investment. Lower denoms are ready to distribute and 509 ATM machines have been loaded and ready to use since last February. Rest easy, all is well. Saturday will be big for all of us and it is the last day of the required 7 for Maliki…they have scheduled their deciding meeting for that day also. They are in a hurry just like we are. They will rid themselves of the 900 lb gorilla on their back and we will see some sunshine. 

5-25-2012 BGG This looks really serious for Maliki – his own inner circle is openly looking for a replacement for him in the event of a successful “no confidence” vote against him. I really think they will wait too long, Jaafari will be the “caretaker” PM and their only shot at avoiding complete dissolution will be to stick with Jaafari…afterwards. They only gave the NA 7 days to find a replacement when they held the last meeting in Najaf!! It now appears this is the next “benchmark” (Saturday). I think everyone feels it will go lots smoother with a candidate out of the NA. Probably will result in most of the rest of the government remaining intact.I think…Too many mad, mean, ship-jumpin’, back stabbin’ MP’s for Maliki to survive this one and the bad news is they are all (the good, bad and ugly) on the other side. Tariffs won’t trigger an RV – Maliki’s head on a platter will. the politics will trigger an RV. Nothing else.

5-25-2012 ArizonaHeat I for one NEVER think this will never happen, way too much info that says different…this will happen, we just dont know when…so kick back relax and see what happens in the next couple days.

5-24-2012 Adam Montana in my opinion, we aren’t looking at an impending collapse. I don’t think we’re going to lose money here, and I don’t think Iraq is going to lose money either. I know a lot of people get fed up with waiting, and sometimes impatience can lead to negative thinking… I just go back to my core beliefs in Iraq…is the country making progress? YES. Are they fixing problems? YES. Has the value of the Dinar already gone up? YES. Do I think they will keep doing this? YES, YES, YES.