5-23-2012 Bear5642 Maliki is not an issue any longer he is like a dog on a leash…i can assure you he is not in control…iraq has made more progress in the last 3weeks than in 7years…I will say this, jmo, i would be totally shocked and amazed if this rv went passed june 1st.

5-23-2012 Doc The saga we know as Maliki continues center stage. Several reports suggest he may work a deal to stay…While other reports suggests the votes are lining up against him and Parliament may even vote in secret as stated by “members of the coalition of state law,” they would vote in favor of withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki in the event of voting was “secret.” What we believe is happening is in fact a vote of no confidence is being orchestrated by the Fab 5. Maliki has been given an out to keep his position but he will have to relent on the 9 points and Ebril. If not we maintain there will be a vote. All should be much clearer by this weekend. 

5-23-2012 Adam Montana Maliki…was given what could have been a semi-serious deadline of two weeks. That two weeks came and went, nothing public was announced, and now it appears that he’s on a new 90 day timeline…the exact “process” would require Parliament to actually follow through on one of their deadlines. At this time they are all playing games. Parliament keeps putting out these pretend “ultimatums” to act swiftly, but the truth is half of them are corrupt as well and they are working on their own “back room deals”… I would guess that half of them have deals going with Maliki and while they may SAY “get it done or you’re out”, it’s said with a wink and a nod.

5-23-2012 Frank26 The WB helped with the deletion of the three zeros. They are helping the CBI with the deletion of “other” zeros. When the law was passed to lift the three zeros; we are waiting now for the deletion of the zeros from the exchange rate. The last three zeros. The timing is interesting. It draws our attention. It is possible we believe that the WB will be there when they announce the RV. If they leave, we will follow and find out why. But we think they will be there when they release the rate and the lower denoms and watch.

5-23-2012 Poppy3 there will be lots more telling news that we should hear around 1 to 4 pm tomorrow [Wednesday] and this information should enlighten us much more on what the timing of the dinar rv will be…decisions will be made tomorrow behind closed DOORS. Hang on to your seats, this can be very awesome. All information sounding very promising that they will complete all details on or by june 1 or at least in the first week.


5-23-2012 Doc The news surrounding chapter 7 release continues to be very positive. Al Sabah is quoted as “… UN official support for the International Organization for an end to the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, with Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq’s desire to fulfill its obligations and the hard work and bilateral cooperation with the State of Kuwait to get to the exit Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII.” This is typical and consistent with all the articles coming out of Iraq and Kuwait. This leads us to continue our opinion that release from chapter 7 should occur at the next UNSC meeting in June. We believe it would be an almost slam dunk given resolution to the Maliki saga.

5-23-2012 Frank26 Why and how did the CBI collect 3.5 trillion dinar in one month? Auctions. Who did that? Why was it done? Why is the UN involved in the meetings and financial committee? Why are the tariff laws being moved a little bit to sync with the timing? Why do they mention on TV that that they are working hand in hand to raise the three zeros. Why is the IMF interested in the WB in Iraq? The CBI is taking inventory of all of their banks in the country. Warka being helped by the CBI. The timing of all of this is seriously amazing! On June 15th chapter 7 should be lifted …Before June 15th the rate should be released. If not, delays are productive!

5-23-2012 Adam Montana We have the finance committee talking about mainstreaming (electronic clearing) the banking systems. This is HUGE! if they don’t update their banking system, any sudden change to the current denominations, value, or banking will be potential for MAJOR problems…they need stronger technology, more ATMs, and a massive education program almost immediately before or during a change in the rate or a change in the denominations. With so many articles out there telling us that they plan to redenominate and also raise the value, it should be apparent that any news regarding strengthening the banking systems is not only potentially good, but also necessary.

5-23-2012 Poppy3 to be released from 7 they have to have the following ingredients in place and activated: the tarriff law (starts 1st week of june) this allows them to become full members of the WTO then the Ministers activated, Then the ERBIL AGREEMENT WHICH OUT LINES THE POWER SHARING , Then article 140, finally THE RV. ALL these can be done in a couple of hours…preparation…all in place. HOLD YOUR HATS the first week of JUNE sounds more promising than anytime ever in this investment.