5-20-2012 BGG  “Breaking News: All the leaders in today’s meeting have agreed to withdraw confidence from the Maliki”  There was a “mini-summit” meeting of the Erbil 5 yesterday in Najaf (an additional “secret” meeting will be held today). While everyone was upset early in the day about the negative press, secrecy and possible extensions…even though it appeared to be dragging out…I had a funny feeling (no matter what the press was) – It was about to “officially – HIT THE FAN”…and now here we are.

5-20-2012  SWFloridaGuywe are just witnessing the necessary, procedural steps that can’t be bypassed. First we have the interrogation; next the no-confidence; and finally, once we have a stable GOI and Erbil implementation, Shabibi and the CBI will move ahead with the reforming of their currency project and the raising of the exchange rate.   A week after they interrogate him we should see a vote and he should be out. I think it will happen quickly.

5-20-2012 SWFloridaGuy  Maliki is toast! The Council of Representatives are going to interrogate him. An interrogation is the first step prior to the request for his removal. Political parties submitted an application that includes the justification for Maliki’s dismissal from his office. They announced that this interrogation session must be public so the Iraqi people can watch. The Iraqi constitution defines two ways to withdraw confidence from the PM according to article 61. A week after his removal is submitted, the Council of Representatives may withdraw the confidence from Maliki with an absolute majority of its members. The other option would be for the President to file. The meeting in Najaf already has produced a decision for his removal. The reports yesterday that said a BIG and DECISIVE decision had been reached were true.

5-20-2012  Bondlady  with the presidentual order [exec order 13303] obama just renewed…combine that with…These new banknotes, led to a new industry of selling the new Iraqi dinar to oversea investors who hoped to profit from Iraq’s new currency when the economy improved…the banknotes are exchanged at different rates by companies wanting to make profit. Due to the success of this program…we see no matter what, they cant just shut us out at rv time.  The provisional government of Iraq has made this legal.

5-20-2012  Jonnywg  all of the hype re maliki is just that…it doesn’t really matter one way or the other…we are in a holding pattern waiting for the permissions to cash…all is well and the dinar cashin still possible very soon.

5-20-2012 BWM the constitution prohibits certain things in the revaluing of the dinar…how it can fluctuate will be based on the way it comes out…and will be limited by how that is done.  I know the number in the budget…and it’s not 1 or below…it [rate] will be 3 plus MINIMUM…I’m looking more for 4 give or take as the “base”.

5-20-2012  Poppy3   they will be meeting tomorrow [Sunday] and making plans for post mailki gov.  they are moving fast and have given themselves the 10 day deadline to get all the nine subjects completed…expect that vote within 48 hours after the request goes in and a national conference as fast as possible after that for the assignment of interum pm and implimentation of pending projects. At least this is how the news is lining up.