2-3-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

2-3-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing some sources as well as dealers insisted the rv already occured. they have saying that since Thursday. they said they are just waiting for the international release. again those are rumors rumors rumors. iqd rate will be as per rumors within the range previously informed to u. be careful with your decisions on the exchange process. the articles are great too. one of the major achievements imo is that USA and UK are supporting Iraq in their attempt to get released form ch 7..good news [Articles] : Iraqi economy in the world’s fastest-growing at a crossroads. another one: EU amends Iraqi sanctions: Specific restrictions on economic and financial relations with Iraq..

2-3-2-13 Newshound Guru Tlar “Article – Kurdistan was unable to persuade oil companies operating has to invest again” Definitely you could class this as a Mexican standoff. Kurdistan doesn’t hit its [oil] projections because Bagdad is delinquent in paying the producers, and now Bagdad won’t pay the back bills to these companies because Kurdistan is not hitting the targets, because Bagdad won’t pay the companies, because Kurdistan did not hit their targets, because the companies producing are not being paid aren’t hitting the targets, so Bagdad continues to hold their money. Did I say that right? I feel like I’m getting dizzy. Sharistani, you run a rough merry-go-round.. Now it is backfiring in you face Mr. control. Kurdistan wants off the ride.

2-3-2013 Newshound Gurus Mike & L.J. Maliki is trying to take control of finance committee; he wants even more $. Maliki thinks he can replace ministers to gain control to access $. Maliki thinks with his signature (being PM) & the signature of the head of the finance committee he could have access to money. Many countries: US, UK, EU, Italy, Spain,Sweden, etc. support Iraq’s political process. They are concerned as to how they will meet the demands of the people providing drinkable water, roads, & other demands for human rights. They want Iraq to “Git r done!” so they can do business. Exxon anxious to do business, trying to determine who to do business with, Bagdad or Barzani? Most likely Barzani. Maliki interferes with Iraq’s progress in so many ways, he is in his last days!

2-2-2013 Intel Guru OCrush This is in reference to iraqs accession to the WTO. There are major movements for Iraq to be accepted into the WTO. They already are obsevants but it seems they will become full members. For this to happen they need to be released from chapter vii and have an international traded currency. This will also allow iraq to move into the IMF’S Article xiii. The WTO is moving forward to allow Iraq for accession. In conclusion we are almost there. They need to have an international currency to be a full pledged WTO Member!


2-2-2013 Newshound Gurus Mike & L.J. Concerning the HCL and Erbil Agreement, the people were denied their % of profits by Maliki last year. It has come to pass, this year they should receive it. It’s been agreed upon. Moving forward! US troops were sent in to protect demonstrators. We are there to try to keep peace and prevent a civil war from happening when Maliki is ousted. Countries wanting to do business with Iraq are watching closely.

2-2-2013 Intel Guru Goofball CANADA DOLLAR CHINESES WAN AND THE INDIAN RUBI ARE TO RV AS ANNOUNCED IN THE NEWSPAPER. IT DID MENTION 3 MAJOR CURRENCIES. [which newspaper…Goofball?] WALL STREET. [Where is ours?] IT’S COMING. [What were the major currencies?] IQD, DONG WERE TWO.

2-2-2013 Intel Guru Bluwolf Let me make it sure that this blessing is in the air and it shall be received shortly without further restraints from no one. Just last night …all of a sudden threw [through?] a national U.S. Weather tv station, a scroll was seen on the bottom of the screen informing to the reality that there will be a big revaluing of currencies and yes the Iraq and the Vietnam currency was spelled out…let it be known that all the above did occur.

2-2-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni January was a record month for Iraq. Two banking conferences, EU ratification, investment deals, banking connectivity, UN meeting…When u put all that on what is coming in Feb-April, dfi money, WTO training, UN chapt 7…Iraq is about to take off…They will have no choice but to raise the value of the dinar and make it convertible/tradable.