2-1-2013: Iraqi Dinar Guru guesses!!!

2-1-2013 Intel Guru BOBGETZ6 As I understand it, the CBI site will be live, not static when the rv occurs internationally. The rv will be a managed float of 2% over a 90 day period. No movement up or down beyond that. That refers to the CBI site rate. Also, as I found out yesterday, the dealers WILL NOT get advance notice…Trying to gather information from a dry and quiet well. Everything supposedly is done and could happen anytime, but not continually hearing voices. So we wait, as usual.

2-1-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing as of :00 am [?] pr [Puerto Rico] time dealers were selling dinars. I personally verified that. However these sales can be stopped at any moment since they are expecting instructions regarding the new rate of IQD…so we still are in an any minute alert as per rumors. I will keep you updated.

2-1-2013 Intel Guru Wife in the Know Remember, as I stated previously the final piece to the puzzle is the approval vote of the 2013 budget. This again is scheduled to take place early next week (Feb. 5)…My husband has told me that there can no longer be delays on the opening of the new budget, reason being is that there are many signed contracts with different countries and independent contractors that can not be rescinded. Along with that, Iraq wants to be able to be part of the international community, and this will only happen once there budget is approved and all sanctions are officially removed (already done) and announced. I am very excited to finally see this investment come to fruition, and I fully believe it will happen this up coming week! The rate will be 3.42 and rise over time from there, don’t let anyone tell you anything different. We are truly at the end friends.

2-1-2013 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [Who is ultimately responsible for pushing the button on the currency reset for any country? There are so many opinions out here, IMF, WTO, BIS, etc. Who actually is the implementer?] I can’t go through the entire world and list all the countries, but in this case the CBI is in charge of the “button”. When they say the rate goes up – up it goes! Of course, they need to have the support of the outside market to make it a huge success, which is why they didn’t just arbitrarily do it years ago. They have worked steadily towards a stable and powerful supporting system in order to make this work. The UN has stated they are compliant, Kuwait has forgiven most all of the debt, the US is backing them, and they should have no problem supporting a higher rate when the CBI says it is time.

2-1-2013 Intel Guru Gankans If the Dong RV’s tonight so will the Dinar and all the others. The rates will shock a lot of people when they come out, but the rate will be determined off of their oil, gold, and other precious metals and valuable resources. It’s ridiculous how close we are. I’m blown away that we haven’t gotten to the end of this book. Look for it.

2-1-2013 Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy From what I can gather Regulation 1210, which was just amended to favor Iraq…It has been amended to aide in the manumission of frozen funds, further promote trade with Iraq and free up financial and economic resources. I believe EU amended these sanctions to promote economic and financial relations between the European Community and Iraq. I would very much like to get my hands on the exact language and legal structure of how they amended these sanctions because it could have great implications for Iraq’s financial future. This is great news for us.

1-31-2013 Intel Guru Flashing ready for the rumors: a dealer said it already rv. they are just waiting for the official communication and the final rate. they are just waiting this during the next hours. again, such are rumors and i still waiting for a call. i am very optimistic because i received such rumors of an rv of certain currencies at feb 1 about 2 weeks ago. remember that the current situation is totally different to the one in previous years and or months. the drivers are done. articles are screaming two letters = rv.

1-31-2013 Intel Guru Flashing the ratification of the two agreements related to the major obligations under ch 7, made possible the release of Iraq from ch 7. After reading the article issued today, IMO, Iraq is out of ch 7. So these news are outstanding and let us know the imminent status of the rv. As i always told u there are a direct relationship between ch 7 and rv because the devaluation of the iqd was a sanction. So be very happy because we are about to see the birth of this golden baby.

1-31-2013 Intel Guru Flashing Iraq is just like a person in jail. In order for that person to be free again, she has to meet certain requirements or obligations . In the case of Iraq, Iraq had to meet certain regulations and obligations so that he could leave the ch 7 and therefore could be relieved of its sanctions. Iraq has made its utmost effort to meet all its obligations under ch 7 and agreed with kuwait on them. …the major obligations of ch 7 were done.

1-31-2013 Intel Guru Delta The big announcement is: We are going to see the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar in February. This comes from 3 high sources. Everything is ready to go. Don’t know the exact date. They may do it before the budget. We don’t know the rate.

1-31-2013 Intel Guru Delta We have confirmation from the IMF that the Standby Arrangement will not be extended anymore. They did not say anything about an extension of the DFI funds. It will expire in May. If they revalue their currency they will not need an extension any more. All indications is Iraq will have to basically support themselves. They will have to start paying their debts. They will have about 80% of their debt erased but they will have to reach certain benchmarks. One of the benchmarks that Iraq has to meet with the sponsor of the World Bank & the IMF is to restructure their currency. Will they do it? They don’t have a choice. It is not in Iraq’s hands, when the time is right the The World Bank & the IMF will do it.

1-31-2013 Intel Guru Delta The CBI is now connected to all the banks in Iraq, this was a huge announcement in Iraq. This gives us an indication that the CBI is ready to go. They announced that they will open a free market zone in 3 areas in Iraq. They will do a lot of trade between Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq. This was huge. Iraqi Airlines – Kuwait got their money, 500 million dollars and now Iraq is going to start flights to Germany, Sweden & basically all over the world. The budget will be approved on the 5th. It doesn’t look like there will be any problems or issues with the it. Looks like they are all happy. Can they revalue before they have a budget? Yes, they can. They can revalue before or after the budget.

1-31-2013 Intel Guru Blaino there is a lot of intel that we are… in the quickening and the clock on this is ticking down; last night and all day today, additional information has allowed us to see that ‘something is AFOOT!”…. We have a tremendous positive expectency…also: working on the idea of managed float at … Remember our RATE…. $3.4x give or TAKE…. And maybe as a managed float from THERE.

1-31-2013 Intel Guru Bluwolf It seems to be imminent that the INTERNATIONAL RELEASE OF ALL CURRENCIES IS IN THE AIR. All brokers are now awaiting for there phone call to close up shop (all sales must stop before the rv.). There were some very important video conference calls from our central bank to all banks in the U.S. Bank screens are blinking like Christmas lights, so I think that this blessing will come forth within a few. America, Puerto Rico and the World be forever blessed, I declare prosperity to all and wisdom to do what is right. Remember that it shall come like a thief in the silence of the night.

1-31-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing remember i told u about a meeting in Dubai and an bout the possibility of pr [Puerto Rican?] dealers to stop sales during this weekend. well apparently is true. in addition almost two weeks ago i told u about an RV schedule for feb 1. well we r on track. articles are on line with such rumors. i am trying to confirm that information.

1-31-2013 Newshound Guru Mountainman Right now the GOI is working very hard on passing the budget and the HCL with 25% of those profits going to the citizens. There are a lot of rumors floating around right now that seem to coincide with the news. So, let’s hope this is it.