16% of Iraq’s population are unemployed and 11% were below the poverty line

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Iraq, said on Thursday that eleven percent of the Iraqi people living under the poverty line, indicating that a large proportion of citizens are unemployed and about 700 thousand families do not have any imports.

Said Dara Yara told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that ‘the Ministry of Social Affairs of Iraq, striving to reduce the proportion of Iraqi citizens living in the financial situation is bad, according to a draft prepared earlier’, adding that ‘the World Bank supports us in this regard. ‘

He explained that ‘the proportion of eleven% of the Iraqi people now living below the poverty line’, noting that ‘most of that percentage are the province (Dhi Qar) and the southern provinces other, but the poverty rate declining in the Kurdistan region compared to the provinces of Iraq, the other, but it is no longer any statistics on the poverty rate in the region ‘.

He pointed out that ‘the proportion of 16% of Iraq’s citizens are unemployed and do not have any work ‘, pointing out that he’ will be working fund loans in accordance with a program to support the private sector, and provide financial assistance to about 700 thousand Iraqi family living in a difficult financial situation and has no work and no imports’.

He noted that ‘in general, will be paid an amount estimated at about 70 thousand dinars per month for each individual, to buy basic food items’.