11 Iraqi political parties call for the dissolution of parliament and the formation of a new government

11 Iraqi political parties call for the dissolution of parliament and the formation of a new government

2022-08-02 08:18

11 Iraqi political parties call for the dissolution of parliament and the formation of a new governmentShafaq News/ Today, Tuesday, Iraqi political forces called “change” raised several demands and called on the United Nations to support them, including the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the formation of a new government, revealing their intention to establish an inclusive national conference.

These forces included “the Iraqi Communist Party, the National House, the Social Democratic Movement, the Iraqi Nation Party, the Nazil Take My Right Movement, the Faili Movement, the Iraqi House, the Wa’ad Party, the Sons of Two Rivers Party, the Consultative Council, and the Tishreen Democratic Movement.”

The forces said in a statement read by the leaders of those parties, in a joint press conference, seen by Shafak News Agency, “10 months have passed since the October 2021 elections, and the influential political blocs have not been able to address the deepening political crisis for years, and even insist on the approach of sectarian quotas. ethnicity, and a conflict of narrow interests.

She added that “this led to the Parliament’s inability to perform its constitutional duties, and the continuation of the state of political obstruction, whose negative effects were reflected on all of our people, and now threatens societal peace.”

He continued, “In light of the current political and field developments, the forces of democratic change met today, Tuesday, and discussed the course of the escalating events, and affirmed their firm position on the process of comprehensive change, by peaceful means, that leads to building a civil and democratic state based on citizenship and social justice.” The “forces of change” stressed that “they were not and will not be part of any conflicts that do not serve the interests and aspirations of the Iraqis.”

She added that out of concern for the path of democratic construction, we call for the dissolution of the current parliament, and for the President of the Republic, independent representatives and national forces to press for this.

It also called for “the formation of a government that enjoys political and popular approval, and whose mission will be to initiate practical steps on the path of change, including holding the killers of the demonstrators accountable, revealing the fate of the disappeared activists, moving major corruption files and bringing the corrupt to justice.”

The Forces for Change stressed that one of the duties of this government is also “to take concrete measures to confine arms to the state, and to benefit from the financial surplus to improve the lives of Iraqis.”

She stressed that “the government takes it upon itself to work to ensure the fulfillment of the requirements for holding fair and impartial elections, under UN supervision, including: the application of the parties’ law, to prevent corrupt parties and parties with armed arms from participating in the electoral process, and to ensure the independence of the High Electoral Commission.”

These forces called on the United Nations Mission in Iraq to support the aspirations of the Iraqis to achieve a real democratic political system of government, and to sponsor the dialogues of its national political forces.

And the statement continued, “In this sensitive circumstance, we believe that the peaceful change project requires concrete measures, foremost of which is a review of the interpretations of the Federal Court, regarding (the largest bloc) and the quorum of the presidential election session, and the violation of constitutional timings.”

In order to achieve this, the forces’ statement says, “We sincerely call on all forces, parties, national figures, popular protest movements, unions, unions, organizations and social actors, to unite efforts and work to preserve the path of peaceful change that responds to the aspirations of our people, in a stable homeland. and flourishing.”

“We are in the process of preparing for a comprehensive national conference, in order to form a national front for the forces of change,” he stressed.